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Rachel McPherson
Rachel McPherson is a writer, photographer and DIY junkie. She co-authored The Kingdom Experiment and The Kingdom Experiment: Youth Edition. Rachel lives in New Hampshire with her husband, Jay, and son, Sawyer. Keep up with her on Twitter at @Rachel_Mac4.

DIY on a Dime: Pencil Pack

DIY on a Dime: Pencil Pack

These pencil packs make a simple, inexpensive gift for your friends on the first day of school!


Who doesn’t love getting gifts for going back to school? These pencils are an inexpensive, easy DIY you can leave in your friends’ lockers as a first-day-of-school surprise!


DIY Project: Pencil Pack


Cost: Less than $5



-       3 or 4 pieces of patterned scrapbook paper

-       Scissors

-       1 pack of pencils

-       Modge Podge®

-       Paint brush

-       Ribbon, twine or rope


Step 1:  Take one piece of patterned paper and measure it against the pencil. Cut the paper to cover the entire wooden part of the pencil



Step 2: Paint the back of the patterned paper and the wooden part of the pencil with Modge Podge.


Step 3:
Wrap the paper tightly around the pencil, and use your fingers to make sure it’s glued securely. Cut off the extra paper once the entire pencil is covered.



Step 4: Paint the outside of the paper with Modge Podge to completely seal it. (This will help the paper to stay on when you start writing all those essays!)


Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 to make your set of pencils. After they dry, tie a bow around the set with ribbon, twine or rope.  


That’s it! An easy, fast DIY to let your friends know they’re loved. Keep an eye out for my next post about a DIY project that pairs well with this one—together making the perfect gift!


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